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Super fluffy soft olein 333
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Super soft fluffy soft oil essence 333

【Quality Standard】

Composition: Fatty acid amido ethoxymethyl ammonium salt compound

Appearance: light yellow viscous liquid

Ionicity: cation

PH value: 3.0 ~ 6.0 (5% aqueous solution)

Solid content: 90 ± 1%

Compatibility: soluble in cold or hot water

【main feature】

· It can give fabric or yarn super soft and fluffy feel

· Antistatic

· Rewetting is good, the treated fabric has good hydrophilicity

· Stable to acid, alkali and electrolyte under normal application conditions

· Cold water can be diluted

· Good compatibility with non-ion. Cationic. Zwitterionic

· Only slight yellowing of white fabrics

· Feeling power is strong, the greater the amount, the better the feel

【Scope of application】

· Suitable for the soft finishing of natural fiber fabrics, synthetic fiber fabrics and yarns

· Suitable for washing towels and denim clothing

· It can be used as raw material for raising agent and texture enhancer

【Usage process】

· Both dipping and padding processes are available

· General usage: the dipping method 333 dosage is 0.3 ~ 0.8% of the fabric weight

Padding method 333 dosage is 2 ~ 10g / l

【Chemistry Method】

· Under agitation, add soft olein 333 slowly to the measured water in the proportion of 5 ~ 10%

· Continue to stir for 20 minutes to get a uniform milky white dispersion


· 120KG / plastic drum. Or 200KG / iron drum


· It can be stored for at least 12 months in the original packaging

· It will solidify in frost weather


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