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Super strong anti-dye powder k100
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Super anti-dye powder K-100

K-100 / K-200 / K-300 anti-staining powder is a special non-ionic hydrophilic polymer surface-active resin, its super strong continuous anti-staining effect is unparalleled. Because of its special macromolecular structure, it has the function of complexing dye molecules and high dispersion of surface active substances, so it can ensure efficient anti-staining effect in application.


1. The product can strengthen the enzyme activity by about 10%, and obviously improve the stone grinding effect;

2. Enhance the three-dimensional sense of the fabric, the visual effect after washing is obviously better than other products;

3. It can be bathed with enzymes or added to enzyme powder to enhance anti-staining effect;

4. It has good stability, and it is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain APEO, and it is more cost-effective compared to imported products due to its easy biodegradation;

5. A wide range of temperature applications, 20-60 ℃ have super anti-stain effect.

6. High saturation, the greater the amount, the better the effect;

7. The anti-smudge ability is very long, with a continuous anti-smudge effect within 60 minutes;

8. Acid, alkali and electrolyte resistance.

Product properties:

   Appearance: yellowish fine particles

   PH value: 5-7

   Ionicity: non-ionic

   Solubility: easily soluble in warm water

How to use:

① This product can be directly mixed with water at various temperatures and neutral and acid cellulase, which can promote the vitality of the enzyme.

④ The dosage of 100 pairs of jeans is about 50 grams, or the customer can adjust the dosage according to needs.

Packaging, storage and transportation:

25Kg woven bag or paper bag (lined with plastic bag)

This product is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and is sealed in a ventilated, dry room temperature environment.


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