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Application introduction of high-efficiency degreaser
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Efficient and environmentally friendly degreasing agent is composed of high-efficiency composite active agents, biological penetrants, foam stabilizers, rust inhibitors and other environmentally friendly ingredients. It can efficiently and professionally degrade mineral oils such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, diesel oil, and rust preventive oil. Animal and vegetable oil.

GT-FH842 high-efficiency environmental protection degreasing agent is widely used in industrial cleaning, industrial equipment cleaning, metal processing, ship transportation, aviation, railway and other fields.

Features of GT-FH842 high-efficiency environmental protection degreaser:

1. Strong and safe: It can quickly remove the serious oil stains that are difficult to work with ordinary cleaning methods, saving time and effort.

The water-based environmentally friendly cleaning agent does not injure hands, corrode metals, ignite, explode, non-toxic or pollution. It can completely replace petroleum solvents such as gasoline and kerosene for cleaning.

Second, high cost performance: It is a concentrated product, which can be diluted with water several times to dozens of times according to the degree of oil pollution, and the average cleaning cost is low.

3. Environmental protection and high efficiency: The biodegradation rate of the ingredients used in the formulation exceeds 95%, and it does not contain phosphorus, nitrate, lead, mercury, etc. It can effectively relieve the pressure and cost of wastewater treatment.

4. General: Low foaming is especially suitable for spray cleaning machine, and also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine.

GT-FH842 high-efficiency environmental protection degreaser application scope:

1. Pretreatment of metal surfaces such as electroplating, oxidation and blackening, degreasing and degreasing before painting.

2. Cleaning of metal processing, precision workpieces, etc.

3. Oil pollution cleaning of workshop ground oil pollution, equipment maintenance, etc.

4. Oil pollution cleaning of shipbuilding and transportation, railway locomotives, highways, etc.

5. Cleaning of hotel canteens, cleaning of grease and dirt on kitchen hoods, floors, ceramic tiles, etc.

6. All oil pollution cleaning involving mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil can be applied.


1. When using, the concentration, time and temperature of the cleaning solution should be adjusted according to the severity of the oil stain. The concentration of the cleaning agent is relatively higher when cleaning by hand.

2. It can be used at normal temperature, but it is best to clean under the temperature condition of 40 ~ 60 ℃.

3. Remove the floating oil on the surface of the bath in time to avoid secondary pollution.

4. Use spray cleaning machine or ultrasonic cleaning to get better cleaning effect.

5. The cleaning workpieces shall not overlap with each other, and they shall be continuously used continuously. The concentration will naturally decrease, and the new agent shall be supplemented in appropriate amounts to the required concentration.

6. After cleaning, please rinse with water.

If it is required to prevent rust in a short time after cleaning, it is recommended to use the company's water-based rust inhibitor for better use. If you need medium-term and long-term rust, it is recommended to use our dehydrated anti-rust oil.


a. This product is alkaline. If it contacts skin or splashes into eyes, please rinse with water in time.

b. Storage in cold areas and below freezing point may freeze or thicken the product, but the performance remains unchanged

d. During storage, if there is precipitation, it will not affect the performance of the product. Please stir it well before use.

Packaging, storage and transportation: 25KG, 200KG plastic drums, storage and transportation according to general chemicals (non-dangerous goods).


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