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Fluffy thickening soft fluffing agent industry application survey
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In 2011, the global economy continued to recover moderately. The actual growth rate of China's exports, investment and consumption will all decline to varying degrees. In the second half of the year, inflation pressure will increase, and the GDP growth rate in each quarter will also show a trend of low and high. The Macroeconomic Prosperity Monitoring Index of the Development Research Center of the State Council shows that although some indicators slightly reversed in August 2010, the macroeconomic leading index and the simultaneous index are still declining, and the economic operation will continue the short-term downward trend.

2011 is the first year of the “12th Five-Year Plan”. After the economic operation has basically returned to the normal growth track, the task of promoting economic structural adjustment and transformation of the development mode is very arduous. In 2011, the fiscal and monetary policies gradually realized a smooth transition from crisis-responsive to conventional, and remained relatively stable. They put more energy into accelerating the reforms in related fields and strive to achieve substantial progress in economic restructuring and development mode transformation. . This year, the country will implement a prudent monetary policy, focus on improving the pertinence, flexibility and effectiveness of the policy, keep the overall price level basically stable, support the transformation of economic development mode and strategic adjustment of economic structure, promote financial reform, accelerate financial innovation, and improve Financial laws and regulations, prevent systemic financial risks, maintain financial stability, improve financial services and management levels, and promote sound and rapid economic and social development.

For 2011-2012, in the context of national macroeconomic policies, this report describes in detail the current operating environment of the fluffy thickening and soft raising agent industry, focusing on research and forecasting its downstream industry development and the demand for fluffy thickening and soft raising agent Changing long-term and short-term trends. In view of the opportunities and challenges facing the current industry development, we put forward our investment and strategic recommendations for the development of the fluffy thickening soft fluffing agent industry. This report uses rigorous content, detailed data, intuitive charts, and research and analysis from macro and micro perspectives to help industry companies, related investment companies, financial institutions, and government departments accurately grasp the trend of industry development, understand the industry's competitive landscape, and avoid Operational and investment risks, formulate correct competition and investment strategy decisions.

Fluffy film KT / ES

Physical and chemical indicators:

Composition: Fatty acid amide compound

Appearance: light yellow flakes

PH value: 3-5 (6-10% slurry)

Ionicity: Weak cation

Instructions for fluffy film:

Intrusion rolling type: 2-3g / L, temperature 30-40 degrees, two intrusion and two rolling or one intrusion and one rolling.

Invasion type: 0.3-0.8% (o.w.f), bath ratio 1: 10-15, temperature 40-50 degrees, 15-30min.

Application characteristics:

It is especially suitable for the softness of all kinds of cotton, linen, blended fabrics and knitted fabrics, which gives the fabrics good softness.

Suitable for all kinds of denim, washed cloth, cardigan, towels and other textiles to be soft, can achieve the effect of soft and fluffy

Storage and packaging:

Store in a cool place for 12 months;

Packing is 25KG / bag, plastic woven bag


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